analyzer and java

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Re: analyzer and java

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Usually use chrome. Still like aol for some stuff, but it is an antique just like me. [IMG]smileys/smiley4.gif" align="middle[/IMG
     As long as we are on the general subject, My everyday car a 98 Saturn with 298k on it has no ps and has manual windows with a 5 sp. I love it. One of the last made that way. If I still had hair, I probably would still have a mile high pompadour and maybe a DA in back. . Also have a couple of old style new flip cell phones tucked away. No smart phones or touch screens for me. I was lucky I could find this non touch screen hp pavillion recently when my 12 year old Dell tanked for the last time. Loved that keyboard and don't like this one much. Now let's see how can I work vp in here....As far as I am concerned, the newer vp machines suck. Flimsy buttons, screens too bright, very unreliable, just ask the slot techs. The ones from the early 90's with some spring to the buttons and straightforwardness work for me. I think that may be a new word. Give me a beer in one hand, a Les Paul guitar, a pretty brunette at my side ( wife of course ) and a 64 GTO or built 55 Chevy parked outside and I'm a happy camper.

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