New app for iPad

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New app for iPad

Post by Webman »

iPad owners, we're happy to announce the new app: today for great play on the iPad, and offline play for Gold Members.  Enjoy!

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Post by doris13 »

i am only offered 34 games and if i want to play a contest it redirects me to your website and google.not exactly thrilled with the site.

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Post by torco »


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Post by Gmitch36 »

cool, I'm gonna download tonight!

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Post by drb5154 »

done down loaded. Work great everyone willl love

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Post by JoeE »

Don't know if anyone from is reading these replies but the latest Ultimate X Spin Poker is one of the best recreations so far.  Hope they can use the same rendering and animation engine on Spin Poker, Spin Poker Deluxe and Triple Spin Poker.  The coasting reels (instead of the more authentic slam to a stop) breaks the whole casino experience illusion and makes the game look like something coded by someone who never played the real game in a casino.Other than that, a promising start!

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Post by orangee »

Love it!

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Post by rosamariaV »

can you play on something else?

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Post by Wmfrenchek »

Is anyone else having problems with the app shutting down repeatedly?

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Post by rsactuary »

Triple Double Bonus Ultimate X has a funky multiplier table.  12x for four of a kind, 9x for full house.Also, the trainer on many games gives completely wrong advice.

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