Vegas is tightening its belt

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Re: Vegas is tightening its belt

Post by BOGIE46 »

I am totally boycotting Las Vegas hotel because of the resort room rates and parking rates.  I am now going to Laughlin and Indian casinos in California.  I spend enough money playing its slot games and video poker.  I am tired of being nickle and dime to death.  If we don't do anything the casinos will keep taking advantage of us.  Don't be a sucker they need you more than you need them.  Fight back!

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Post by billryan »

Truth of the matter is the Vegas Strip doesn't want us or need us. If you ran a casino resort, do you market to people who expect good games, free drinks and free rooms or to Millenials who have no problem dropping $25 to use the pool, another $40 to get into a club so they can buy $40 bottles at a 800% markup and don't expect free rooms? That happily play 6-5 BJ as long as the dealer is in a bikini or looks like Prince?
People who have tons of money to blow or people who are having to put something aside for their grandkids education because their own parents aren't?

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Post by Tedlark »

bill I made a similar post a couple years ago and I was told that I was wrong.

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