Winstar Credit Card info theft!

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Winstar Credit Card info theft!

Post by Bev821 »

Just curious as to whether any of you have had any problem with credit card theft at Winstar World Casino? Both my friend, and now myself have had our credit card info stolen, after using our card to check in at the hotel there. VERY frustrating. Trying to get them to return phone calls is also IMPOSSIBLE, even though I have direct numbers for managers. (Supposedly) All I get is their voicemail. When speaking to anyone, I'm told I MUST speak to a manager. Yeah, well CALL ME BACK PLEASE!

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Post by Tedlark »

I'm hopeful that you took it up with your credit card first? Do you have a host there, could they be of any help? I guess it would depend on how badly you want to get some satisfaction(?) from the casino?

I had one of my cards kited last year and my bank was more than helpful with closing out the card and wiping out the charges. After that I had no desire to go after the restaurant where the card number was stolen from.

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Post by bethtx »

I have stayed there a lot and never had a problem with CC theft.

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