October 1 Tropicana

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October 1 Tropicana

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Me and the wife just arrived home. We arrived at the Tropicana on Sunday October 1 on the wife's 60th Birthday.
We were displaced from our normal room to the 5000 wing on the South side nearest to the Route 91 Event. From our balcony overlooking the pool, we could hear music from the event and the crowd cheering.
   Me and the wife were playing in the North end of the Casino not far from each other but not within sight. I went up to the room that is far down a hallway midway down the hall there is an elevator and an exit facing south about 300 feet from the event. I was heading back to the casino there was a woman in her 20s pounding on the door. another woman let her in. In my mind I was just thinking she was drunk or needed to pee or something innocent. I was way ahead of them. I was still unaware of what was occurring.
Maybe a minute went by when people began pouring through the hallway. all hysterical panic stricken, many beaten, bloodied. Most were falling apart emotional wrecks.
The common belief was that they were still under attack and that we also were under attack.People were saying that gunmen were right behind them. Wife and I reunited near the women's restroom near the North entrance it was packed with victims, my heart was pounding and my brain was throbbing. there was a cocktail waitress who was scared and since I hadn't heard any shots fired in the Casino we took her with us and sheltered there until the crowd in the hallway slowed a bit. During the whole time she carried three drinks and her tips and tray I don't think she realized she was carrying it.
   Me and the wife decided to head to our room against the flow. I estimate 2,500 people stampeded thru the hall up to that point. Past the Starbucks and Deli to the Two big red doors and the 5000 wing walking fast dodging the people heading north the hall was littered with sandals, shoes, strollers, folding chairs, hats. We make it to the elevator lobby, injured people were everywhere, Up to the 3rd floor we went, door opened we find maybe 20 people hiding there. As we headed to our small room a woman asked if we had a room, we ended up taking two couples to our room locked the door then the woman just fell to pieces in the fetal position on the floor next to the nightstand.That is where she remained for the next few hours.
We put on the news and when Tropicana opened the Big Conference room at the club tower. they decided to go there. All I remember is one couple were staying at NYNY the other couple at Circus. October 1 and 2 just seemed to be one long day. I cried on Tuesday after I got some sleep.
This is just one long ramble and it is all I have until I can process it further.       
     We were never in any real danger but I still feel so bad and sad and guilty .

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Such a terrifying story for you and your wife. My heart goes out to you and others caught up in the madness.

We were also in Vegas on that day. There was such panic as many thought there was terrorists all over the strip and many casinos went into lock down. No one knew where the shots were coming from or how many shooters were involved. We are also home now but this day will stay with us forever.

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