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How many numbers should I pick

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Well, it's Power Keno this week so I looked at past Power Keno winners on the winners page.9 of 9 will get you 8000 points and 10 of 10 will get you 8000 points, plus you need the points multiplied.  My initial instinct is to say 9 then. But most winners in power keno look like they have picked 10 spots. This could be because more people are playing 10 spots, or maybe 10 is a better play. Sometimes 4000 points (9/10) with a 4x is enough to win.Based on that, play with 10. But 9 could work. You could also win with 8 if you hit 8/8 and a 4x.Less than 8, might as well not even play in the contest (in my opinion) since the best pay is only 1600.

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