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Wolf Video Poker

Post by Cocopal »

I have a copy of WVP that I've bought a few years ago. My old PC crashed and I had to get a new one. When I try to use the activation site, it tells me "server not found". If I try to go to Wolfvideopoker.com, it tells me the same thing. Are they still in business? Right now my software is stuck in demo mode. Is there any way to reach them? Thanks!

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Hello Cocopal,here's Marcello from Italy.I faced your same problem and Jean Scott told me via mail that Jim Wolf is out of business so we have no hopes to resinstall the full mode software. Same answer received from Videopoker.comIN the light of this problem, I'd like to ask you a great favour. Since my PC crash caused the loss of both the software and its Setup installer, can you please email me the Setup to let me use the program in Demo mode, please?Thanks for reply,Marcello yahoobids@fastwebnet.it

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   I'm not sure but I don't believe the program is supported anywhere.