Sams town tunica

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Sams town tunica

Post by b74 »

I was wondering if anyone has received an exceptional amount of free play from this casino
I stayed there a few days this last summer and I’m surprised at the amount of free play I’ve been offered from that trip, given any other Boyd property. Is this common?

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Post by Vman96 »

My buddy who is a decent slot player got less than I would have hoped for the amount he played.

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Post by tonysb8 »

Yes! My Dad was there over the summer for a night stay and played the $.25 9/6 job while my step my low rolled on some video keno. They ended up getting way more than expected in free play, food and room offers for all of November. Enough to overlap the offers and make it worth four trips last month. They used the freeplay all on $.25 9/6 job and did very well. Burnt that bridge? Yes, I'm sure, but we're all done with Boyd after all their changes late August anyhow.

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Post by Minnesota3 »

I was on vacation in September and stayed 2 nights at Sam's Town Tunica. Played mainly 25 cent 9/6 JOB and a small amount of slots. For January I get $7 free slot play 5 times in the month, $20 food 5 times and 3 comp rooms four times in the month. An aside, I put 2 points, yes just 2 points, on my car playing a slot at Horseshoe Tunica and I get tons of emails from them now since. Tunica is hurting. Roadhouse casino closing.

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Post by treblehook329 »

Since 2015, I've been going to Tunica 3-5 times per year.

A couple of years ago, I was doing $5-10k coin in per day, three days per trip, and my mailers were for 3 nights, $60 FP, and dinner for two at the steakhouse. Time periods varied from twice per month to once per week. I'd estimate that 25-33% of my coin-in was slots, 50-66% 9/6 JOB, and the remainder carnival VP.

The last year or so, I do about $5-7k coin-in with a little more VP than I have in the past, but generally only one session per trip. I now get 3 free nights, $30 free play, and buffet for two.

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