Rio sold

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Rio sold

Post by Tedlark »

I read today that CET sold Rio to a New York real estate company for 500 million plus. CET will manage the property for two years with options to extend after this period.

I have a little tear in the corner of my eye; I have fantastic memories of Rio.

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Post by OTABILL »

Interesting article. "Ceasars will sell The Rio and lease it back for the next two years at $45 million/year, allowing it to keep the profitable World Series of Poker, currently at the Rio, and keep Rio customers currently in its valuable rewards program." ... whats-next

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Post by Waiting4RF »

If at Rio, go see the WOW show. It was very good when I saw it 1.5 years ago.

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Post by TX_Jack »

They have been trying for years to dump the Rio.

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Post by socalev »

Rio used to be so busy, now it is really dead. I only go there if I am trying to earn points for Caesars Quest for Rewards.

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Post by case »

I will be at the Rio Jan 15 and 16. Free rooms and needed a couple nights to stay. Really won't gamble there other than to let them know I am around. It definitely is not the Rio from yesterday but it will do in a pinch.

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Post by onemoretry »

case wrote:
Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:39 pm
Really won't gamble there other than to let them know I am around.
That's exactly what we did there last May, when we stayed at the Rio for a couple of nights. We had received a very attractive offer from Caesars Entertainment that required us to stay at a Caesars Las Vegas property. There were some time stipulations that I don't specifically recall, but since it fit nicely into a planned trip, we did it, and picked the Rio because they still had (we thought) some single line $1 8/5 bonus poker. When we found that the 8/5 bonus poker was no more, we played not a nickel there. We did have some nice meals, including a really nice one in the Voodoo steakhouse.

And, of course, we cashed in the offer, which was 75000 reward credits, merely for staying there.

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