very very hard to get a royal flush

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Re: very very hard to get a royal flush

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I get several a day sometimes and sometimes with one or two cards to the royal...

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I took a LLOONNGG break from, and in the past month or so I have gotten 2 royal flushes! Didn't win the contests, but it felt good. :) I find that I am getting more winning hands in the games I play, compared to the past, though the winners are the ones who get the unlikely lucky spin with big numbers. Good for them! It's all fun!

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Just for grins, last year I kept track of how many Royals I got. Final tally=93. It may sound like a lot but a lot of them came on multi-hand games.

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I started on the sight the middle of last month and got one Royal Flush on the draw at about 22,000 hands, so I'm lucky. I calculated that last month's winner either got 5 or 6 Royal Flushes in the course of the 16,500 hands dealt. Most won't even break even and should be at about 97.5% of the $82,500. I was a little above since I got the Royal Flush and should have exceeded 99.5% and I didn't make it. Too many low pairs didn't pan out for a win. I had that issue at the casino this week. The low pairs were paying off at about $2 on average per $5 hand instead of $4 which drained my bankroll pretty quickly.

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babsie22 wrote:
Wed Oct 02, 2019 2:03 pm
the machines on here are very very tight. i seldom even get 4 of a kind. cant understand how other people get such high scores. i play fruitless.
The high scores you see on this website can be misleading. Points are free, so no one worries about busting. Many players play TDB which pays 4,000 coins for 4 aces with a kicker. These hands are more common than royals. I have hit more than one of them in a day numerous times. Good Luck.

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Some days are better than others

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