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starting stake

Post by mschaching »

In Bob Dancers Vp for winners software, the program always starts you out with 820 credits ($210.00).. Is there any rhyme or reason behind this ? Also, what is a good starting stake, playing .25 machines?

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Post by Eduardo »

I dont' think mine starts there.  Maybe you saved your session at 820 so it is loading up that way each time.  Try resetting your credits in the menu and then quit and save your session again.
I would set it to whatever you plan to start with in a casino. You could either start with your entire bankroll or if you play putting in $20's, you could also just set it to $20 (80 credits) and then keep puting more in.
I always just start with a big bankroll in practice though (10,000 or so) since i care more about practicing than simulating sticking in bills.

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Post by aceswithakicker »

I'm sure others on here have a different approach to your bankroll question, however I'll chime in as to what I like to do.
I like to have enough money to play around 250 hands at max bet per session depending on the denomination.  So if I plan to play quarters, I'll have at least $300 per session.  Dollars would be $1250.  I usually play single line games also.  But this is just a rule of thumb I go by. 

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Post by okie dokie »

I think it depends on your game choice and the payback. But,, there are NO guarantees.

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