Weekly Prize Money

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Weekly Prize Money

Post by NDANCO »

Did you guys change the prize money for the weekly game?

Because it's listed as $400 total, but if you add up the prize money as listed, it doesn't at up to $400

1. $100
2. $ 75
3. $ 25
4. $ 25
5. $ 25
In my calculation this is $250 all together not $400. Just wondering........ :roll:

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Post by Webman »

Looks like that updated prematurely... it has been corrected for this week.

The prize structure will be changing next week with the addition of our new Members Rule contest. The overall prize pool between the two will be increased to $500 but is spread between the two contests. Each contest will have a $250 prize pool to start with.

The above will be the prize structure for the Weekly Contest, but the Members Rule prize distribution will be determined by the member that is hosting the contest.

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Post by FAA »

Hey, at least we can't lose real money.