Rewards programs in Las Vegas

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Rewards programs in Las Vegas

Post by bobwithakicker »

What casino has the best program and what makes it so good?

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Post by stevel96a1 »

i highly doubt anyone is gonna give up their secrets loose lips sink ships as a wise man once said

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Post by Tedlark »

What the original poster is asking for aren't really secrets. I am only familiar with CET Total Rewards and none else so that is why I did not reply.

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Post by billryan »

I don't think there is one cookie cutter answer.There are quite a few things to factor in.
Local or visitor, table games vs slot payer vs VP player, quarter player vs $1.00 player.
Is cashback paramount or are you looking for food and rooms? Are you a weekly player or once a year?
Do you qualify for their Senior programs?

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