What is your best keno strategy

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Re: What is your best keno strategy

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applepear86 wrote:
Thu Jan 07, 2021 12:15 am
....and how in keno you can't make mistakes in basic strategy
There's a strategy for keno?

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onemoretry wrote:
Thu Jan 07, 2021 8:59 am
There's a strategy for keno?
I used to have a notepad entry on my phone to remind me that it doesn't matter which numbers you pick. But then I heard that it may be illegal to use electronic assistance, so now I keep the reminder on a sheet of paper in my wallet.

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Mystic 6 on 4 card keno. Stick with it, don't be upset if it doesn't pay right away. Its my go 2 when having a bad day at the casino.

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I find it nearly impossible to believe that WNKR DEB A and a few others do not have some prior knowledge of the numbers before they even come out. Otherwise they should be millionaires playing KENO in Vegas


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Post by Webman »

Both of those players have lost far more than they have won in credits. They play a lot, and you only see their scores when they are on the leaderboard (which are of course only large positive scores). They have massive losing days along with those winning days that balance it out.

If you are playing multi-card keno games, then the only way to hit the biggest jackpots will be betting the same numbers on all cards. This doesn't mean it's better to do so (you will also lose more often doing so), it just depends on what your goals are. And of course, to appear on the leaderboard more often, that also means playing more often.

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