How much can you win on a penny slot?

What are your other favorites at the casino?
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Re: How much can you win on a penny slot?

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you mean 88.88 that would be huge on penny slots. 8888 on penny sots I would have to see that. Most them you have to pay .90 at a time any way plat at least nickels I don't get it at all but then again I play to win the max always but video poker not slots.

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I was playing one of the Buffalo Gold machines at Fiesta Henderson last night. Guy sat at machine next to me, put a voucher for 168.00 into machine. He was playing 1.80 each spin, got a bonus round and cashed out 958.00. All in less than 10 mins. Not bad - I was impressed

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nothing unless you play max

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Post by dreamer72 »

I like to play the penny Keno Slots I won $ 3000 on them a couple times. Especially Multi Card Keno.

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Post by FAA »

for non-progressive machines, this is going to be about the best you
can do. 3600x your total wager is impossible to do on many games w
max bet.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tell me about it. 800x total wager is not all that great on my favorite video poker. They make it sound great with the confusing number 4000 on the pay table, but that's just base wager multiple! I have achieved that twice in two years to keep me break even. Silver lining.

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Post by olds442jetaway »

How much can you win........either a lifetime bonanza or go broke fast. I personally witnessed a 2.3m win at Mohegan Sun on a 2 seater progressive penny machine. However, with returns in the 85-90 percent long term, most of the time you will go broke if you play them all day.

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Post by Lionqueen »

I lost $530 last night on quarter & .50 VP and my friend came out $400 ahead betting .40 a hand on penny slots. Sigh

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I have hit $57 after a red screen feature and $50 both on the newer, bigger, Hunt for Neptune's Gold games only betting 1¢ each time. 3 neptune symbols and 2 wilds straight across the middle on my last 36¢ @ 4AM is pretty exciting lol

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Post by billryan »

I get a kick out of watching the people playing a penny a spin at 4AM. It's fun making up backstories for them. I miss Vegas.

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