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Payout % RNG

Post by junksta »

How does the casino change the payout percentage in video keno if its the Random Number Generator that determines the odds? In other words, say a casino changes the payout % from 80 to 96, what changes in the RNG, if anything. I just can not get it in my simple mind. I think I am confusing odds with % payout but just like in my high school math classes its not sinking in. :wacko:

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Post by Eduardo »

If it is a Class 3 machine, then the randomness is unaffected. What does change is the pay table (just like in video poker).

Say a casino is going to give you 50 cents for flipping a coin heads, and take 51 cents if you flip tails. The house has an edge on that bet, of 1%.

Now if the house wants a bigger edge, they might pay 50 cents for heads and take 55 cents for tails. Now the house has a 5% edge, with the same fair coin (but fewer people might take this bet).

It's similar for other games like Roulette and Black Jack. The cards aren't shuffled differently, they just pay out differently to modify the house edge.

So to answer your question plainly, nothing changes in the RNG. What the casino changes is the payouts when a certain number of spots are hit... which you can view on the pays screen any time. This is why it is important to understand pay tables and decide for yourself whether a game is worth playing or not.

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Post by dinghy »

Eduardo wrote:
Mon May 03, 2021 12:04 pm
What the casino changes is the payouts when a certain number of spots are hit... which you can view on the pays screen any time.
Examples from Vegas casinos:


Payouts shown above add up to about 90% on average.


These slightly improved payouts are mostly around 92%.


These payouts are among the best available. 5-spot is 94.95%, 6-spot 94.99%, 7-spot 94.92%.

Wizard of Odds has expected return info for many keno variants.

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Post by Blacksheeputube »

Thanks for the info !

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Post by applepear86 »

When you are at the casino, you can go to google on your phone and type in "keno advantage calculator" . I would just share the site on here but i don't know if it's against the rules or not to share third party links so I won't, but it's the "reviewpokerrooms" one. Clear out the numbers on the list, pick how many spots ur curious about, and enter the payouts from the "See Pays Help" section on the Game King. It will spit out the return. Anything 90% or higher payback seems to be respectable nowadays. On dollar credits they should give back 92% or more but not everywhere does that. Eventually you will memorize the paytables and maybe be able to do it in your head.

Dinghy up above has a good list too. You can just compare the paytables with his if ur too lazy to google them.

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