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cleo contest

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hey WM...
had this issue ages ago, but tonight on the cleo contest, that 'bot check' or whatever it is kept popping up-- where you have to click on the heart icon or you get booted... half the time they move so fast by the time you put cursor over heart icon and click--they've rotated and you get booted... never get this on contest anymore til tonight and rarely on the regular cleo game... but i think its nuts- especially on a contest, not fair to get booted and have to reload it all, in my humble opinion--haha
thank ya sir

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Post by pk2021 »

Classic single-line vp should be the Daily or Weekly contest..........and the Keno contest should be that 99.54% of contest players would have 99.54% more competitive fun for 99.54% of each month.

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