Why have Multi Card Keno in a weekly contest?

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Why have Multi Card Keno in a weekly contest?

Post by Hal&Deb »

Multi Card Keno is a great game to play in the casino. It is the number one game we play due to the ability to play strategies in your patterns. However, it does not work for Video Poker .com's weekly keno contest. The only way to win in the weekly contest is to play the same eight numbers on every card and play over and over all day long until maybe, you get lucky and hit the 8 spot. One would never play this way in a casino. Thus, Video Poker should just use the single card games for the weekly contest or look into creating a multi card game that requires more than 10 numbers and more than one pattern.

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Post by Webman »

Appreciate the feedback. I agree, it's not ideal for the format. We will probably run it less frequently going forward, but still occasionally.

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Post by Lateshowrob »

Totally agree on the multi card comment Hal & Deb. Also, the amount of times that the same people hit the keno leaderboards seems hard to believe. Several weeks ago, the same person occupied 3 of the top 10 spots after the entire week. I suppose there are people that play all day, every day but I would guess that there are some people that have figured out how to play without actually being in front of the computer. Just doesn’t seem very fair.

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