Straight Flush

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Straight Flush

Post by luvmykids »

Why does it seem straight flushes are under valued in video poker?

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Post by jconifer7 »

There are 36 possible Straight Flush combinations with nine possible high cards (5-K) times four suits.

And because there are 13 card ranks, there are 13 possibilities for a Four of a Kind.

So in that regard, a Straight Flush does have a 64 percent higher chance of happening between the two hands.

What this also means is if you have four of the same suit in exact sequence and the fifth card of another suit that makes a pair with any of those four cards, you should go for the Straight Flush, knowing that if not for the two cards you need, you could still get one of six cards of a different suit that will fit the sequential order for a regular straight or or one of nine cards of the needed suit for a regular flush. That's 17 total cards that could lead to a win, better than going after two specific cards for a Four of a Kind that will only pay the same amount.

If you think about it, this is also why bonus games pay higher for Four of a Kind involving Aces or low cards because Four of a Kind with ANY rank has a statistically lower chance of happening. They exist in large part because casinos take advantage of the pair holding habit that many video poker players fall into the trap of doing.

And it goes without saying Royal Flush is always top payout because there's only four possibilities for that.

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Post by onemoretry »

jconifer7 wrote:
Tue Oct 19, 2021 1:40 pm
And because there are 13 card ranks, there are 13 possibilities for a Four of a Kind.
Haven't you overlooked the fact that a hand containing a quad also has a fifth card? Each of the 13 quads can be accompanied by any of the 48 remaining cards in the deck.

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Post by MrRobert »

I feel also the straight Flush is undervalued , but the Royal only pays when there is 5 coins played and pays as a straight Flush otherwise. But to play the game longer , its better the house takes its edge there rather then shorting the player on 2 pair , flushes and full houses.

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