Alien Attack Keno

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Alien Attack Keno

Post by mrcat »

What is the trick to playing Alien Attack Keno?

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Post by New2vp »

1. Preselect as many squares that are going to hit as possible.
2. Hit the two squares that contain a picture of the earth being circled by aliens.
3. Pick one of the 3 hexagons that contain the word Alien Attack to get a bonus round.
4. During the bonus round, make certain that at least one cow is hit while at least one alien is hit at the same time.
5. Conversely, make certain that there is never a time when an alien is hit when there are no cows hit.

Be sure and follow these five rules and you will be a winner. Of course, the random number generator probably will have a little bit to say about that as well. ;)

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Post by cowboy7278 »

Alien Attack Keno is the most fun I have. I won last week and finished 8th the last time it came up. I stink at everything else. Good luck all.

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Post by Neicy56 »

I love this game too although I rarely pick the alien attack hexagon! I love the cows and alien encounters, it is so funny!

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Post by PrincessWarrior »

One trick to playing Alien Attack Keno is oftentimes the same hexagon will reveal the words "Alien Attack" two times in a row. When choosing hexagons, choose the exact same hexagon two times, even if you enter the bonus round once. You may very well increase your chances of entering the bonus round again.

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Post by HoneyBadger0613 »

I will try that….. I always seem to get the minimum win and rarely get to the bonus!

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