Auto Insurance Up..Up..Up...

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Auto Insurance Up..Up..Up...

Post by Tedlark »

I don't know about the rest of you but my auto insurance just renewed and it jumped almost $300.00 for the year. I've had Geico for about 12 years, never filed a claim (other than a windshield claim on comprehensive last year). No outside changes that would affect the cost of my auto insurance and I read that Illinois drivers are getting hit hard on auto insurance costs.

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Post by wildman49 »

That sucks Ted I have progressive never a problem with claims and never went up after one. Good pricing.

Had AAA before that for more then 30 years then rates started to rise so made the change.

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Post by olds442jetaway »

Bummer. I have had The Hartford through AARP with minimal increases each year. We had one windshield claim and one deer strike claim that totaled the car. You guys probably remember that story. Neither of those normally raise rates. Knock on wood neither of us have points or violations on our license. Those things can cause rate jumps. I would give AARP a try or call. There are also other companies on the internet that will search for the best rates for you. Good luck. Let us know how it goes. One more thing about the AARP plan. They have a Disappearing collision insurance deductible so much a year. Also if I remember correctly you can’t be dropped once you are in. Again best of luck

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Post by OTABILL »

I have had USAA for 46 years. Rates are going up. The increase may be offset by what is allotted to my subscriber savings account and the yearly SSA distribution. USAA recently put out a generic note explaining why one's auto insurance rates may rise (regardless of which company insures your vehicle(s)). ... irect=true

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