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Re: Detroit Casinos

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Greektown has some decent playable VP if you know where to look, but it's definitely not on the single hand machines. Their Spin Poker machine and 50 hand machine in the video poker room have some playable games, but not full pay. 7/5 bonus, 99% deuces, 9/5 JOB, etc. The Spin poker machine with the good games is only available in 25 cents, 50 cents, and a dollar fyi but u can play less lines, i sometimes play only one line.

But yea Detroit is pretty much a VP wasteland. MGM Detroit is probably the worst, although I've gotten emailed free nights in Vegas on MLife playing there and I didn't play all that much. MotorCity while they have a variety is simply awful, it's gotten even worse than before. The machines are absolutely sticky and filthy, so much that your skin and arms stick to the buttons and surface, and it's the most hood clientele and atmosphere of all 3 casinos. Their paytables are awful as well, I have absolutely no idea why people seem to have them as their favorite casino. They do have 8/6 JOB and that's the only "playable" game unless you are a pimp and want to play 9/6 JOB on 25 dollar denom in HL lol (as in 25 dollar coins, not 25 dollars per hand). I also think I remember seeing they had 9/5 DDB on high limit as well, may only be on 25 dollar denom too I can't remember. There may be more playable games on that HL game king I just scanned through it out of curiosity when I popped in there a couple weeks ago.

I like Greektown the most overall. I love the video poker room, it's dark, private, quiet, and comfy. There's a few couches and massive big screen tvs in the bar next to it too. Soaring Eagle is closer to me and of course has some of the best paytables in the whole region, but I like getting away from that stale bingo hall atmosphere sometimes and going to downtown Detroit to have fun and eat and stuff. It depends if you're purely about a good game and don't mind being in the middle of a rural indian reservation, or if you're looking for other things like restaurants and nightlife as well.

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Jstark wrote:
Sat Jun 12, 2021 9:58 pm
Here's the best VP in the Detroit area*

* 60 miles south in Toledo

Sadly, all of these games were downgraded today.

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Never have any luck in detroit

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Windsor unlucky too

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