Split Card Daily Game

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Split Card Daily Game

Post by Leeknows »

I've played a lot of Split Card in the Casinos I visit, literally thousands of hands every year, and I notice a clear difference in one important aspect. The frequency of having a split card appear on the deal appears to be much lower on this site than in those casinos. I went through the help sequence for the game on this site, and unlike most games, there is no frequency % provided. Is it purposely lower?

If everyone is playing by the same rules of course it doesn't really have a bearing on the contest. But if the frequency in casinos was the same as it is here, no one would ever play. And in the casinos I visit, there are several Split Card machines and they're always busy.

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Post by JonasSmith »

Hmmm, very interesting

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Post by RLS01 »

I have never seen this game in a casino. Where have you played it?

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Post by Tomeka »

I have noticed this also! When I play at a casino lots more split cards!

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