bad machine maint paid off!

Did you hit any jackpots? Did you get a great comp? We all want to know!
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bad machine maint paid off!

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Casino has sticky buttons and non-op buttons on machines. I keep on complaining, no luck, they cheaped out on maint. So I got dealt 8 8 10 10 K. I held 8 8 10 10 for 2 pair and hoping for full house. But the machine dropped one of the 10 cards. So it was 8 8 10 being held. Then on the draw up popped 2 8 cards for a Quad. So the casino turned a low paying hand into a Quad for me with their bad maint. Thanks casino!! Should I have complained about the dropped card, lol.

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Congrats on your windfall.

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Good one.

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One time long ago I had a Q, 10, 8 of spades straight flush draw on 9/6 JoB at Greektown when the 10 didn't hold. Hitting the draw button too fast to rehold the 10, I drew the 3 remaining 8's for quads. Poop happens.

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Only better story would be if the 8 didn't hold.. .

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