Video Poker for Winners Partially Affected

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Re: Video Poker for Winners Partially Affected

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Webman wrote:
Thu Feb 25, 2021 3:36 pm
Microsoft is now forcing the removal of Flash Player from people's systems with a recent update, making it impossible to even open the program.

If you have already purchased the software, visit the following page and enter the email on record to download a new copy that will run. The new version does not contain Super Times Pay (which also requires flash player), but all other features are present.

If you need assistance in getting the new version, email
Do you own VPFW? My original purchase was through confirmation from, so would I get the new version from you still if its your software, or would I go back to someone else for it?


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Click on the url in the post you quoted, enter the email that you registered the software with, and you should be all set. If you need further assistance, email

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I bought my copy from the gambling bookstore on CD. I didn't use any email to register. How can I get the new working version?

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you cannot get the software at either site so where do you get it ?

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Thank you, Thank you Webman. I purchased my version of VPFW thru Bob Dancer's 2/8/2008. Had not used for months, realized it is no longer working. Was only able to connect with Game King. All other games were missing, spin,hundred,fifty, multi cards. I pulled up page, put in email, able to DL new version. A Happy Camper!

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thank you for the information!

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