Replaying a hand

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Replaying a hand

Post by Karl_EDT »

Is there a way or option to replay a specific hand over and over if a person wanted to? I am new to this website so I don't know all of the options yet

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Post by Webman »

Pro Training (available in the Pro menu up top) has a Replay feature where you will continue to play hands that you missed until you have demonstrated that you have learned them by playing them correctly enough times. There is a free trial if you want to give it a try.

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Post by MrRobert »

What is the difference in casino experience and payback using Pro Training versus Gold. What is the difference and why is gold even offered if Pro is the only way to play better ?

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Post by redwidow52 »

Playing Poker use to be for the smart, quick and savy card players and the game itself was less volatile than playing slots. Now, Poker is becoming more and more volatile. I wonder why?

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Post by lablady2020 »

I like the option to play the more volatile games when I’m winning and switch back to less volatile when I need to build my bankroll.

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