Keno Strategies

What are your other favorites at the casino?
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Re: Keno Strategies

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Best to play more numbers on bonus games like Cleopatra and Power Keno since there are more chances to catch the bonus ball at the end; however, payouts are terrible and it is best to play games where the 7-spot payout is 7000:1. Best game is 4-Card at the casinos with the 9-spot with 25 cents per card/ Target is that 8/9 hit for $1175 (just under the tax line). I have hit many of these over the years.

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Im old school, the machines are tighter now, if the guy upstairs n the window u cant see don't like the way you twitch your knee cap when you're spun you'll be sucking crust out of a sewer drain trying to scrape up another quarter for a 4loco with that wino who lives in the cardboard box behind Jiffymart

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It’s all about being on the right machine at the right time. When I first sit at a machine, I will make my bet and play a few games with the numbers that were selected from the previous player. That has worked to my advantage a few times. My first play (playing the previous player’s numbers) I hit a 7/8 on my first play. That has happened a few times like that.
I also play quick picks and change them often. Yes it gets daunting, but it seems to pay pretty well and often. Good luck and have fun with Keno, it’s my favorite game!

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I always cluster lower right corner.

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just played free keno with 100+ hands. 110% ROI, is it that easy with real money? :o

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