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multi card keno

Post by queeneleanor »

What's the best way to group a 20 card keno box for best results?

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Post by applepear86 »

Depends on what your goals are.

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Post by Minnesota3 »

Strictly a game of chance. Group as you see fit. Move your groups around sometimes. Try to find the machines that have a 92 to 94% payout. (810 or 838 on 5/5). I suggest over lapping some in the group and not others.

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Post by Ati2ude »

i have never found a trick in all the years i have played

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Post by Bobby Digital »

I group my numbers and split the board into 4 quadrants. I overlap anywhere from 5, 6 or 7 numbers. It usually gives me the best results and keeps me in the game longer.

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Post by danqy »

I usually play 1-2 quadrants at a time and overlap 5,6,7,8's. ill usually use the T card to move around after i have multiple dead spins in a row. I think the RNG resets/recalculates if you change a variable, hence switching up the T card frequently.

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Post by sparkypoo »

I usually stay with the same set of numbers. If i change ,then my usuals come out lol. Oh well it's all a game of chance...I still love playing multiple playing boards..more exciting, and less boring. Guess i just love KENO!..............

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