Wildman King of the RF

Did you hit any jackpots? Did you get a great comp? We all want to know!
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Re: Wildman King of the RF

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pokerpokerpoker wrote:
Mon Feb 12, 2024 7:01 pm
Nice. Ain't it great how fast the newer Game King bar-tops play?
Are you talking them new curve screen machines? That royal was on older bar top, them curve screen machines we have on one of the four bars. I play them very little, to many dead hands for me to play them much.

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Ditto. I have quit playing them entirely. They beat me up bad last year. I play strictly the old machines now. Excellent results so far this year. Only those that play millions of hands a year will realize that. I guess so far I am just speaking for you and I. When they first put them in, I thought one or two of them were ok. That changed after a couple of weeks. I think I posted before about them. Maybe the end results are the same, but the dud streaks are too long for me to wait them out.

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Wtg Wildman!!! Congrats...

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