VP Classes ???

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VP Classes ???

Post by Lurking »

Question::if someone can/does play 10/7 DB VP at 100% correct play, what is (if any) the advantage to taking a "class" (i.e. Bob Dancer) from someone? Also, why should I buy a book concerning VP if I can play correct stragety??
Just curious!!

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Post by shadowman »

Everyone is different. Some people like to get as many views as possible. Others just like to learn to play as well as possible. Do whatever is most comfortable for you. However, compared to what you put through machines gambling the price of a book or two is trivial and may help you understand the "whys" a little better.

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Post by EDC1977 »

Why would you bother to play 100% correct if you didn't want to learn every aspect of the game? every "nth" of a % is an advantage over the average OEJ. Good luck to you.

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Post by Mr Double B »

That's why I am asking---trying to find out what I may be missing! I consider myself to be a average driver of a auto. I am confortable with my driving ability (even if I am only average) so why should I take a driving course/read a book on driving? I am satisfied with my ability to play at a 100% strategy, so why should I take a course/buy a book? No! I do not understand every aspect of the game, I'm not sure I want to. I often tend to "go overboard" and when I do I realize I have taken the some of the mystic out of whatever I was "getting to the bottom of"! I sincerely appreciate you two guys chiming in. However, I was looking for something that would boost my interest in VP beyond what it presently is. Soooooo, as with my driving, I will just remain average with VP. Again, thanks for your input! And Good Luck!

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