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Android App - Video Poker Pay Tables

Post by Webman »

Our Pay Table app is now available for Android phones and devices.The Video Poker Pay Table app gives you the pay back percentages
for all the most popular video poker games. This includes single hand
games like Jacks or Better and Double Double Bonus as well as all the
multi-hand games like Super Times Pay and Spin Poker. You simply select
the pay table of the game you're playing and the app tells you the
percentage pay back.For download instructions, click here

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Post by danfed »

The game return shown for Super Triple Pay 9/6 Bonus Poker Deluxe is distorted on the phone screen and the indicated theo return incorrect.

On the Pay Tables app it shows 99.77% whereas the CORRECT return is 99.07%. Because of the information provided on the app, I opted to play this pretty heavy at Red Rock last weekend and took a pretty heavy loss. I'm not suggesting that the .7% difference is the total blame as anything can happen in the short term (approx. 1,600 hands) but rather that I would not haven chosen to play such a short return game at all; especially when there are hundreds of better machines within the Stations family of casinos.

I realize mistakes happen but it's pretty bad when the company who designs both the actual game and the app gets it wrong. It leaves me to question the integrity of the entire app. Suffice it to say, I'm not a happy customer.

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Post by New2vp »

Dan, I haven't looked at your source, but I'm going to guess that it is possible you have overlooked one feature of this game in your analysis:  the difference between the 5-coin and 6-coin payoffs on non-quad hands.  The Super Triple Play game that you get on this site when you select Bonus Poker Deluxe does indeed pay 9 per coin for a full house (for the first 5 coins) and IS considered the "full-pay" version of this game.  However, when you put in the 6th coin, not only does the quad payoff increase from 400 per coin to 800 per coin, but the full house payoff also increases from 9 per coin to 10 per coin.Looking at another source, describes this game as such:"In Super Triple Play games, the player can bet six coins per hand to
increase the payouts of Four of a Kind hands. Other hands, usually Full
House and sometimes Straight Flush, are often slightly
increased as well. The payouts themselves, however, remain a multiple
of five coins. For every Super Triple Play game, betting six coins per
hand returns more than betting five coins."I changed the font above to highlight the points.  According to the underlined portion in vpgenius's description, the Super Triple version of 9-6 Bonus Poker Deluxe has a higher return than the base game, which returns 99.64%.The game that pays 9-6 for the first 5 coins does indeed have an EV of 99.7726% (by my "non-guaranteed" calculations) because the 6th coin increases the payoff on both quads AND the full house.Of course, I don't know whether you were in fact playing that game in the casino.If the game that you were playing only paid 45 coins (for 6) when a full house occurred, is it possible that the game paid only 40 coins (for 5) before the 6th coin activated the Super Triple Play feature?  If that was the case, the game you were playing is not the game that is depicted at, and indeed, like you suggested paid 99.0775% (which I would round to 99.08%).  If it did pay 45 for 6, then it was different than the game on this Web site.As you noted, your results in 1600 hands may be significantly different than the expected value would indicate, even if you played perfectly.  The increased payoff for quads significantly increases the variance of the results that you can expect.  You would have had approximately 1600 x 6 = 9600 coins in.  If you get just one fewer quad (at 800 coins per), your actual result would be 8.33% less than expected (800/9600 x 100%), which dwarfs the 0.7% difference that you noted.

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