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Post by Bunks » is a lot of fun and well worth the time to play, daily.. I like the way they provide new contest on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.I have won three contest and this makes me happy and inspires me to play harder.I hope you all enjoy it and remember that there is some skill, but a lot of luck and anyone can get lucky.

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Post by edog743 »

Congratulations on your wins. I have been here more than twice as long as you have not won yet. So quit your bragging LOL.

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Post by olds442jetaway »

Just change your handle to doge347...Outer they won't know who you are and you might just win the next one.

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Post by Bobbi »

I agree

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Post by Hanerasa »

Congrats for winning. Generally, poker is one of that games which include a great part of skill component. Never had seen no one slot machine which gave such opportunities as poker.

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