Games wont connect

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Games wont connect

Post by therealthing »

Regardless of the game chosen I am unable to connect this morning on a desktop or my ipad. Have restarted my computer. Have installed the newest version of Adobe.... Nothing has worked?????

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Post by Casino Knight »

Same here

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Post by JaxSax »

I've managed to play the 5 Monthly games and the 12 Daily allowed, this was early this morning, but cannot get into Weekly contest.   

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Post by therealthing »

Just tried to load contest game and like the others....wont connect.

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Post by eg »

Can't connect: Error messages on all contest games.

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Post by divavic »

I can't connect to any of the contest games either.

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Post by Webman »

Should be working now

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Post by edog743 »

Did the hamster fall off the wheel again this morning Webman?

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Post by Tedlark »

Be careful edog, there may be an "Outer Outer Sanctum."

Kap L
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Post by Kap L »

I can't connect to any of the contests. I just get a message that says "Preparing Contest Game..." and it stays there forever.

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