Figures. :P

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Azure Dragon
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Figures. :P

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I played 7 daily contest sessions of TDB Wheel Poker and didn't hit any premium hands, so on my last session I decide to play Deuces Wild Bonus for the heck of it. Sure enough, on deal #8 I held two aces and got 3AAAA on the last hand. XD Got 300 credits on the wheel spin at least. :P 68th place at the moment, although I'm sure I'll jump on tomorrow and find I'm < 5000th.

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Great hand.    I know the feeling. I sometimes (but rarely) make the top 10 or 100 playing the allowed daily and monthly. I nearly always play very early, and it seems it only takes a few minutes to get down in the thousands rank. :(    This is a great website; evidenced by so many playing.     

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