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Re: Latest on Las Vegas/Nevada Casinos

Post by musicmeyer »

You're welcome guys ☺

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Post by JennyB »

It's just mind boggling how stupid they are for not opening sooner. This is a nightmare.

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Post by OTABILL »

Pent up demand but tourism office going low key. ... nrest.html

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Post by DrKen »

Was just perusing sun country’s fares. You could fly round trio to Vegas for 52 bucks plus baggage fees from mpls. This was over the fourth. Tried to talk wife into it but no go.

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Anyone watching what's happening/happened in arizona, vegas' conservative neighbor? Covid19 is rampant.....let me ask everyone here who is so enthralled with our dipshiite president....if you "exercise your rights and freedoms" and just go out and do whatever you darn well want, and you pick up this bug which then proceeds to attack your lungs and put you in the icu for 47 days, will you accept the responsibility and pay the 1 million dollar hospital bill yourself instead of allowing your insurance to pay it and in turn raise others premiums?? I'm willing to bet NO

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Post by Carcounter »

So I guess you are also aghast at the protests that have thousands of people in just about every city in the country packed in, not social distancing and yelling screaming etc. Oh that's right, I forgot. These folks are immune. Sorry.

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Post by Carcounter »

15,000 people at the Brooklyn Museum plaza yesterday. Lot's of social distancing.

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Post by POKERKAT »

Masks are really the only action we can take right now to fight this plague. New research shows that if everyone wore masks, we would save about 30,000 people. The new numbers are bad and will probably show up worse in the next couple of weeks. Hospitals are already hitting capacity.
I understand that some casino workers are finally figuring out that while they wear masks, the public isn't, and therefore, they are at a higher risk.
We could have done better.

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Post by Sea Lion »

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Post by Tedlark »

Caesars sent me an email today saying that face masks are required to be worn by all people patronizing any of their properties, not just those in Nevada. The note said the only time people will be allowed to have the mask off is when eating or drinking.

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