Ultimate Gold weekly contest 2/14/21

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Ultimate Gold weekly contest 2/14/21

Post by pshag »

I am really impressed with the Ultimate Gold game. The multiplier upgrade feature makes the game exciting. Depending on what the multiplier value is for a given hand changes the expected value and makes one really think about what the best strategy should be. This is in the true philosophy of Video Poker, and emphasizes that it is a game of skill and not just a game of chance. Whomever was the creator of this game should get a big bonus in my opinion

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Post by Webman »

Glad you are enjoying it! This game should start arriving in casinos in the next month or so.

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Post by MrBrain »

Ultimate X Gold is by far the greatest video poker game ever invented. When I first saw YouTube videos of people playing it in Vegas casinos, I was instantly hooked. What an ingenious concept, having multipliers for different kinds of hands (straight, flush, etc.)! I joined this site with a Gold membership specifically so I could play the game and get good at it.

But now that I did get fairly good at the game, casinos are already removing it! I've barely gotten a chance to play the game (the nearest ones are a 6-hour drive for me, or a trip to Vegas), and most of the casinos that had the game have already removed it. I heard in a different forum post here that it's because they were concerned that "advantage players" were playing the game. Well, that's how the game was designed! Good players will see that there are some multipliers, and try to win those hands. That's the whole point of the game!! Do casinos really think that a game is bad if some people win, some of the time? The game still has an overall long-term edge for the casino. Over time, the winners cannot win as much as other people lose. Come on, casinos! Please keep/install this game so we have something fun and interesting to play!

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