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Re: Monthly drawing

Post by Lateshowrob »

It is mind-boggling to me how the same names are on the Keno leaderboards multiple times. How lucky can one be to have 3 of the top 10 scores in a weekly contest?

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I would like to say, as one of the people with a lot of entries for the Ipad drawings...I have never won anything!!! Most people who do win, have very few entries. So your odds are better than mine! LOL
This month turned into a competition with another member, and it was fun but a lot of hard work. I'm not interested in doing this again, it's not worth it.
I wouldn't cap the number of Weekly contest games or Keno games, I don't think that's fair to a lot of people who love playing here. Maybe cap how many Ipad entries one can earn in a day...Rather than punishing all those who enjoy playing the contest games.

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Post by Lateshowrob »

One would think that with the new entry limit, we would see different names on the leaderboards, but the same names continue to show, mainly on Keno. On 8/13, 4 of the top 10 daily Keno scores are held by two people. Before, when people could play all day, it made sense that the same people seemed to always hit the leaderboards. Now, it really seems hard to believe.

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Post by Webman »

You will still continue to see a lot of the same names, as there aren't that many people who actually play 20 sessions in a day. Anyone who does is is naturally going to be more visible in a random Keno game, and there is nothing wrong with that. The goal is to find a better balance while still rewarding those who do wish to play a lot.

You will still see a lot of the same names ahead in the iPad drawing as well. But instead of being ahead by 1,500 at this time of the month, they are ahead by around 100 with a much larger pack of people just behind.

Clicking through the keno results now vs before the change, results are much more diverse in general. It doesn't surprise me to see a player have multiple spots in the top 10 from time to time. We see that in the VP contests occasionally as well with a much wider range of players.

We are closing in on two weeks since the change and keeping an eye on how things go. I think after a couple more weeks we'll see if the new balance is looking better for everyone or if we need to make further adjustments.

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Post by FAA »

Fun but a lot of hard work. I'm not interested in doing this again, it's not worth it.
Amen; no free lunch. How about the VP attempts at the magic 400 for that precious entry that leave you 5-10 short after wasting twenty minutes? What a barrel of laughs! And what is this Seven Stars hokum? What white elephant could you possibly be chasing?

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Post by Ghs1419 »

That is good to know-- I usually stick with free contests but when I really like one of them and hit my max quickly now I know I can play it but it still counts for stars! Thanks!

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