Borgata high limit

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Re: Borgata high limit

Post by player_458 »

Thanks all. I had hoped that by now they would have been replaced. The buttons stick. It really shows how much the Borgata loves Video Poker players.

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Post by Jstark »

Never been to A.C., is Borgata like the other casinos there where FP cannot be used on VP? I get these offers every so often and could have a friend play it off for me.

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Post by advantage playe »

Wow. I have not been there for over 2 years. did they remove most if not all the 9 6 full pay job ????

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Post by Carcounter »

The remaining 9/6 JOB machines are in the smoking section

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Post by jetermacaw »

Finally, after over a dozen 4 to the Royal chances in the past 3 weeks on Dream Card, it hit.

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Congratulations , nice hit !! :up:

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Post by farc »

Borgata Moving all ultimate x machines? Last month they were all out of order in the back by angelines. What is happening? Anyone know?

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Post by FAA »

It's surely a sign to play single line, a much cheaper alternative.

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Post by Hiker1 »

I’m curious too, they were turned off during our last visit last month. Working one day, off the next. We asked , but of course, got the standard casino floor answer, “I don’t know.” I don’t play Ultimate, too brutal for me, but my wife plays occasionally.

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