Total Rewards Quandary

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Total Rewards Quandary

Post by kmartinusa »

I’ve been a Diamond 2 level player or equivalent (40k-70k t/c per year) for maybe 10 years. I get picked up and dropped off at the airport by limo, free show tickets at any show in town, food charged to the room is often or maybe always comped, free cruises and usually $600-$900 in free play when I go. Always stay at Harrah’s...well, just because. I play a LOT at Bally’s because they’ve got several Multi-Strike machines and I love the game. I play $2 single line or $1 multi-line all day long on every trip, so $10-$25/hand. I usually take $5-$10k and have a $20k credit line that I sometimes have to draw from. Sometimes it gets paid back before I leave, sometimes...well, you know, but we have fun!

We are going next week and I’ve got a question. I’m thinking of jumping ship because I’m probably not diamond anymore, it’s changed anyway and my host can no longer book comp show tickets off property. I believe my offers will soon start sucking too. I haven’t been in a year, very unusual so I haven’t slugged enough through machines to justify all of the royal treatment, but we do get a 2br suite at Bally’s this trip. I like TR because they are everywhere but we don’t go as often and probably won’t in the next year either.

Adding to this, I prefer to play the goofy games like Multi-Strike and I found one I really like at Rio, something to do with extra hands for aces, can’t remember because it’s been a year.   A friend is at Bally’s now and said they’ve removed all of the Multi-Strike games but one! This is the ONLY reason I’m staying there, they had 4 or 5 last year!

I’ve been doing some reading and it looks like Green Valley Ranch and Red Rock have the most games with the best paytables and just as important to me- a large variety of these multi-line newer goofy games.

So my quandary is- would my play over 3 days grab their attention and will the hosts over there be able or willing to toss offers like I’m used to if I just camp out over there and play like I always do on this trip?

Because we only go 3-5 times/yr on a normal year, I concentrate my play with TR casinos to maximize the value of the perks. They’ve treated us very well but cannot next year either because the rules have changed or I haven’t played enough, probably both.

Anyone have a similar playing style as me and know what I might expect? I haven’t been to GVR in years and never to Red Rock.

Thanks in advance for anyone’s knowledge, experience or expertise.

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Post by FAA »

They do double all TC in February. I'm not a high roller, but it's even beneficial for me.

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Post by billryan »

Similar play at Red Rock, Green Valley and any combination of Stations Casinos should get you good offers.

I'd look at it as trading up. Diamond is being diluted into becoming worthless.

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Post by Casino Knight »

Go cold turkey on Harrah's. I did that with my 7 Stars and never looked back, all because they didn't appreciate me as a VP Player, or possibly my charming personality.

Green Valley is/was the Bellagio of Henderson. Plenty of playable VP w/ .99-100% games. Affordable great food as well. Cards linked with the rest of the Stations Brand, and if you're a player, they'll do what's required.

Go on Harrah's dime but play elsewhere.

EDITED TO ADD: OOPS! Didn't see the date on this old post.

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Post by FAA »

I'm boycotting Harrah's AC. The machines are all cold, so no problem going cold turkey.

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Post by BobDancer »

In the past, "former" players of CET properties of a certain size, after a while, got juicy "come back home" offers that may or may not induce you to return. I don't know how big you had to play to get such an offer. I don't know if they still do it. Even if you decide to "boycott now," you might find they are able to change your mind down the road.At least evaluate the offer if and when it comes. If it's big enough to float your boat, go for it. If not, don't.

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Post by DaBurglar »

To OP,even though you posted this thread two months back, we'll assume you're keeping tabs....

The first thing I'd do if I were you is ditch this 20k line of credit stuff... you're just asking for trouble. Your level 2 diamond player status is no longer that big of a deal since CET implemented and promoted the crap out of all the new gimmicks and bonuses they now provide to enable many many people to reach diamond and beyond....all the tier credit threshold bonuses, multipliers, etc. The newest "fad" is doing the Diamond in a day exercise, and then trying to see how close a person can get to seven stars the rest of the year!

If you're a 3-5 times a year player, I'd stick with CET for now, just don't use the credit and end up owing them anything. CET is in tough shape corporate finance-wise and they will soak you big time with interest on any unpaid balances. If you don't have it don't bet it...

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