So How's The Gambling Downtown, Post Shut Down?

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So How's The Gambling Downtown, Post Shut Down?

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Anyone been downtown since the re-opening? How were things? Since they lost a ton of $$ during the
shut down, do you think they tightened the machines?

I assume the buffets were closed.

And I have heard about the seating arrangements at table games and slots. Was it worth your while,
meaning were you at least comfortable? Are the hotels rooms open?

We desperately need a trip to get over our recent guests, bless their hearts, and are trying to schedule one but not sure if we should wait awhile. Maybe July or Sept?

What do you think?


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Even though I haven't been downtown since the reopening, I do know that most downtown hotels and casinos have opened with the exception of Main Street Station. No word on when they will reopen. All buffets are closed throughout LV including downtown. I have visited a total of 5 casinos off-strip since the reopening and VP paytables have not been downgraded. I'm sure the slot machines are a different story though.

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