Any Alberta casinos have VP other than single line?

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Any Alberta casinos have VP other than single line?

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It's hard to tell. I see one listing in the casino guide, but it doesn't even specific WHAT casino they are referring to. Some Alberta casinos have single line, but I'm looking for 3/5/10, Super Times, UX, etc. Does anyone know?

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If you were looking on this site, Alberta Gaming, Liquor, & Cannabis lists Two 3/5/10, three STP, and one UX. BUT, when they call themselves "Gaming" rather than "Casino" it usually means type II machines, also known as video lottery terminal machines. in other words, the payouts are closer to lottery payouts than video poker machines. The ones in Illinois are in bars and Truck Stops. In Ontario they are at Horse and Dog racing tracks with Gaming.
You will most likely need to contact Alberta Gaming to find out where these "Casinos" are, and where the games you want are located

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