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Mr. Dancer and I obviously have different experiences and backgrounds.   We also look at video poker in completely different ways.   To him, it's a career and a profit center.   He has no problem with risking large amounts of money gambling.  He says huge financial swings don't affect him and he apparently has no issues with encouraging people to follow in his footsteps.  As far as I can tell he is very successful and seems pleased with his decisions.I see video poker as a pleasant and entertaining pastime that my wife and I enjoy together.  I love playing video poker, but I fear the consequences if things go wrong.   By playing quarters I give up a few percent of return, but I limit the potential damage both financial and emotional.  This works for me and it makes me and my wife happy.What I object to is Mr. Dancer's consistent use of the words "smart" or "intelligent" to describe people who think like he does.  The inference is anyone who disagrees is less so.  If Mr. Dancer would admit there are "smart" people who "choose" to gambler small, he could end this discussion.

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As others have pointed out, the "smart" comment by Mr Dancer was clearly a reference to people who utilize the promotions at this location in order to gain an advantage over the house and the fact that doing so can be difficult and requires knowledge of both the game and the promotions... NOT simply the denomination one chooses to play. Quarter play does not provide such an opportunity in this case or he would not have added that.

Closing topic as I believe this discussion has run its course.

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