Stack em High machines

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Stack em High machines

Post by bobwithakicker »

Are there any in Las Vegas, and if so, where?

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Post by Webman »

I believe it went on sale to casinos just as the virus and shutdowns were hitting, so it didn't make it out the door before all the closures. I'm really not sure when you can expect to see it installed on casino floors. I don't think anyone has it yet. They have been understandably busy with other things as they reopen. Hopefully sometime this summer.

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Post by Ob1lake »

i really like the game, but will be interested to see what pay tables are offered

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Post by Toko22 »

Haven’t seen any. Been looking.

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Post by forkyfork »

Bump. Just curious if this ever made it to casinos yet.

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Post by davidearl »

:down: Nothing showing yet

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Post by Dougleeds »

Redrocks has 1

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Post by Jokerthedog »

I just played this at Wynn/Encore last week, next to a rewards desk.

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Post by player_4545 »

What casinos have Stack Em High?

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Post by Ice9Tre »

Ellis Island had 1 or 2 earlier this Spring/early Summer. However, I was last there in July and I don't specifically remember if the machines were still there. I'll be going back in about 4 weeks and can give an updated report then.

I gave them a shot and they were ice cold. Couldn't get anything. That's why I don't remember if they were there on my last visit because -- if they were -- I completely ignored them.

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