Stack 'em High

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Stack 'em High

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I'm curious as to how others feel about this game. I played 12 sessions in the May 25th daily contest and my high score was a whopping 1,400--not even earning one drawing "ticket." I didn't get dealt 3 aces even one time nor did I ever complete 4 aces after having started with 2. Even at the very low bar of 1,500 to earn a drawing, one is still losing 1,000 coins in total in a 50-hand session.

The point of this post isn't to complain about my bad luck; I just don't understand why people seem to like this game so much (it has been the game with the most sessions played in the last few monthly contests).

What's interesting to me is that on the Wizard of Odds website, it seems there are other variations of this game where one receives far more additional hands than the 2 or 5 that you get on TDB with 2 or 3 aces dealt. It doesn't seem to make sense; I'm doubling my bet to receive only 2 additional hands with two aces dealt or 5 with 3 aces dealt?

I would never play this game in a casino if it were the variation being dealt on this site.

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