3 Royals in one day in monthly

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Re: 3 Royals in one day in monthly

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Cool, thanks Webman.

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Webman wrote:
Tue Sep 01, 2020 11:10 am
The Members Rule contest will be a contest hosted by a member of the site. There will be a Host Competition to decide who gets to host it the following week. They pick the game, the number of sessions, sessions per day as well as how they want to distribute the prizes. Full details coming Monday!

And no, it does not replace the current Weekly Contest. It will be in addition to it, so more options to play.
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I had 3 Royals in one day in Las Vegas, at 2 casinos. I was hot. Then the guy sitting next to me said that I should not brag because I was showing how stupid I was. I was only betting one nickel at a time and not 5 to get the total reward.

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And, do you not agree with him?

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