Sept Monthly question

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Sept Monthly question

Post by chiefsquirrel »

What happened to deuces double double bonus? It appears to have been replaced with loose deuces?
Loose doesn't pay as well...


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Post by Webman »

Mixing it up this month for the first time in a long time. You will also see Triple Double Bonus and Triple Triple Bonus available. I have mixed feelings about these more volatile games with more jackpots in the monthly. We'll see how it goes.

Best of luck!

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Post by bearweiman »

I love the new games Webman and changing it up a bit. It's been a long time.

Sandrina Roc
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Post by Sandrina Roc »

I've never been a Triple Double fan and never saw Triple Triple Double before, but I know lots of folks go to TD games if they're available so this will make them happy, but I'm really not liking the pay tables. DD and DB got downgraded. Having just come back from Las Vegas, they're mirroring the downgrading of pay tables in Vegas, so I guess that's what it is. The last several months I wasn't getting 4 face cards with a kicker or I'd say I miss Super Double. I did enjoy trying. It is what it is. I'll play no matter what unless the TD people keep winning. Then I'll back off. I rarely play contests that have TD as an option.

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Post by Galeygoo »

I love the additions!! If you haven't played the monthly contest in a while, give it a glance...You possibly may decide to try your luck at it again... I tried TTD and Loose Deuces for a while, fun new choices.

Geez, didn't read ALL the posts before I spoke

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Post by Rodius »

I am fairly new to the gold level and monthly contests. What are the best ones to play to rack up the points. I usually do the triple double, double double...but what are the best for points. Thanks.

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Post by chiefsquirrel »

Since you're a gold member, you can view the top scores (in monthly) and see what games people are playing to rack up top credits. TD is usually the top game since it pays the most on those rare hands. But, in any game, you'll find that being Dealt a high-credit hand makes all the difference.

As with Sadrina, I don't like the reduced pay tables though. Hopefully, the off-strip casinos haven't followed suit.

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