The unfairness of this site

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The unfairness of this site

Post by stevel96a1 »

i was attacked on this site and i struck back (as any red blooded american would) and it was followed by a suspension. now im back and i have to say i am offended on how Webman controls what goes on here i am also offended by some of the members on here, we the people voice on opinion on the math of the game, betting structures that tamper with our short term returns and yet creatives minds like Phil get bannished for being creative all because of certain "people" yes they know who they are

i enjoy reading about video poker as much as the next guy, i even enjoy others experiences and how they handle their bankroll as the casino but if this site is going to be controlled by "those certain people" then this site lost its value, if i can't log in and read about battles that last for 4hours or 4 month because the webman believes this that or the other and i wish to learn then this site won't work for me.

Webman don't lock this thread, let others speak and stop being a nazi lol

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Post by Webman »

You were both suspended for a week because you both violated the rules. it doesn't matter who did it first. Next time someone calls you an obscenity, report it to me instead of doing the same in return. Thanks.

Also, Phil wasn't "bannished" for being "creative."

Locking thread due to poor use of grammar.

(just kidding)