Request for minor change

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Request for minor change

Post by j662 »

I don't know if others will agree but I'd like it if, at the end of playing a contest, the screen would show you how much you would have lost or won, not just the amount you might have won if you'd been playing quarters in the casino.  Right now, as it is, if you end up with more than (typically) 500 credits the screen will say "if you had been playing quarters in the casino you would have won $X.XX".  But if you only get to 415 credits, it does NOT say "you would have lost $X.XX".  Sure,we all like the positive feedback of a winning session, but it would be more educational to know the equivalent dollar amounts both ways.

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Post by samantha12 »

I would like to see the amount lost too.

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Post by Onenickelmiracl »

Maybe it should say, if your casino actually had this pay table in quarters, you would have won $100. Half the time, the games themselves aren't even in my casinos. Maybe I'll find an online casino where the first statement is true.

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