Malicious Chrome Update

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Malicious Chrome Update

Post by bajmurray »

My wife and I play on separate accounts. We use Google Chrome as our browser. Almost every day, at least one of us will be in the middle of a game when a "Google Chrome Update Download" fills the screen. Our antivirus and Chrome itself will flag this as "malicious", but it still ends up in our Downloads" file. We delete it with our antivirus.

This only happens on this site.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Come Back Kid
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Post by Come Back Kid »

I use Google Chrome and have never had any problems on this site. I don't get "Google Chrome Update Downloads". Seems kinda of strange that that happens everyday...

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Post by Galeygoo »

That's interesting, bajmurray, I've had a similar experience, only with Firefox.  On occasion; certainly not daily or evenly weekly, I found the same problem to be true.  Because it's happened so rarely; I've never really noticed if it appears when I'm on this site. I will pay more attention next time.  Hmmmmm

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Post by Sea Lion »

This also happens to me periodically using Firefox. 

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Post by doris13 »

i've had chrome for awhile now and never had that message appear

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Post by WhitneyReed »

I've never had anything to that extent,but I do sometimes get'blocked' messages from McAfee when I'm on this site.

And just as an aside, even though it might not be my first choice McAfee Security Suite is free with ATT UVerse Internet, which I have.

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