Games freezes

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Games freezes

Post by NDANCO »

Game freezes or play is slowing down, soon as the ad changes. Cleared cache, changed browser, same problem.

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Post by eg »

Happening to me, too.

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Post by FAA »

The larger the hit, the higher the probability of a freeze. 

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Post by grandpa »

Me too. Lately at least once every 50 hand session in contests; this is on a gold membership without ads.

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Post by Come Back Kid »

I am also having slow down problems on the weekly game, "Max Action". If I refresh, it speeds it back up...But, it will act up again periodically.

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Post by Chicagoan »

It is severe today. I am gold .... no ads. Yet, about every 10 minutes the game slows to a crawl or freezes up completely. I am not having this problem with any other website or application, so it is not my computer, it's the site.

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Post by Webman »

Chicagoan, are you also playing Max Action, or is this happening on other games as well?

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Post by True Destiny »

Playing in 7 Stars-Ultimate X. Game freezes. Exited and came back in 7 times now. Never had any problems before with games freezing. Cannot move on to another 7 Star game

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Post by grandpa »

Okay it wasn't the site, it was my wifi connection. After months of freezeups I took the advice of a techie buddy and installed a cheap (under $20) wifi adapter. No more freezeups, fast and smooth play on my rather ancient laptop. Try it if you have the freezeup problem.

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Post by jaywass1 »

I am having problems where it keeps trying to load video ads during play and ends up crashing the browser. Can you change my ad provider? Thanks.

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